Physiotherapy Explained

Physiotherapy Redditch, also called physical therapy, is one of the related health professions, which focuses on the management of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapists provide physical therapy, which is a modality of healthcare, in which the physical structure of the human body is restored or repaired following injury, surgery, illness or paralysis. Physiotherapists use various manual techniques and their skills are used to assist in preventing further injury or recurrence of an ailment. Physiotherapists have to follow strict regulations set forth by the American Physiotherapy Association (PA) and the Physiotherapy Practice Management Association (PMA).


Physiotherapists in Stourbridge employ a variety of manual therapy techniques and their skill is utilized to rehabilitate, monitor and improve the functionality of limbs, joints, tendons and ligaments. They use methods such as massage, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, manual therapy and hot packs. Manual therapy includes activities that help to strengthen and tone muscles, reduce pain and decrease stiffness. Muscle strengthening is achieved through exercise and therapy and includes resistance training, muscle-strengthening exercises and stretching. Ice packs and compression garments are also often used to provide short-term relief from pain, swelling and inflammation.


A physiotherapist is required to have specific educational qualifications, including a high school diploma or the equivalent. Many physiotherapists also obtain an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. They must undergo specialized training at a physiotherapy graduate school or program. At this level, students are trained to perform a wide range of physical assessments and management, as well as rehabilitation. The primary goal of rehabilitation therapy is the restoration of mobility, health and function.

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As with other healthcare professionals, a physiotherapist must be licensed, certified, and trained in all aspects of physical assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Students learn to perform diagnostic tests, determine a patient’s eligibility for therapy, and plan treatment. In many instances, patients are advised to avoid certain conditions or activities, while they are undergoing physiotherapy. Certain diseases, such as chronic heart failure and diabetes, require special consideration, as the patient’s mobility and health must be first considered.


A physical therapist is not licensed to perform surgeries. However, many rehabilitation facilities use physical therapists to treat patients with musculoskeletal disorders, including spinal cord injuries, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis and complex disabilities. Many private clinics employ physical therapists to manage their patients’ rehabilitation. Private clinics can be found throughout the United States.


Physiotherapy is recommended for a wide variety of injuries, many of which are conservative and can be improved with exercise and therapy. There are also many types of physiotherapy that can be used interchangeably. For example, a chiropractor might recommend massage therapy to his or her patient, while an orthopedist could refer their patient to physical therapy. Chiropractors are often referred to as sports medicine specialists, due to the fact that they frequently treat athletes for pain and injury.