Direct Burial – Important Tips on Hiring a Direct Burial Firm

A funeral director Diamond Creek, also called a funeral director or mortuary, is an individual involved in the commercial business of funeral ceremonies. These jobs often involve the funeral planning, the planning of the funeral service and the burial or cremation of your loved one. Often times funeral directors also work with the funeral home. You may work with a funeral director after you have selected a church or other memorial location to hold your loved one’s funeral services. If you do this, there are specific things you will need to do.

funeral director


Prior to selecting a funeral director and/or mortuary, it’s important that you meet face to face. You must be able to discuss all of your options and find out what your options are. The funeral director and/or mortuary should be receptive to your desires and discuss them with you. Some people are very keen on certain aspects of their funerals and want their decisions to be final. Other people may prefer to see some options first-hand and then make their decisions.


You should be advised as to what your choices are prior to choosing a funeral director and/or mortuary. You should be aware of what embalming is, the cost and how long the embalming process can take. You should be given an option as to whether you want the entire body of your loved one preserved, or if you would like to have a casket or other caskets only, prior to the funeral services.


When choosing a funeral service in Eltham, you may wish to consider choosing a provider who has experience in the embalming or casket making process. A funeral director and/or mortuary should be able to provide references from previous clients. This should be done prior to meeting with them. It is wise to ask for at least three references and meet with several of these funeral directors. Meeting with more than one funeral directors will provide greater flexibility in terms of selecting the right caskets for your deceased loved one.

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Prior to hiring your funeral director and/or mortuary, you should be aware that each state has differing licensing requirements. Most states require funeral directors and/or mortuaries to be licensed by a state board which has different licensing requirements. These requirements vary from state to state, so it is best to research the requirements in advance of making any selection. Most states require funeral directors to pass both a written and a hands-on state board exam prior to being considered for state certification.


The funeral director and/or mortuary should work closely with you to create a funeral service that meets both your desires as well as budget. You should be provided with a general price list listing all items that will be included in the memorial service and be required to confirm the items prior to pricing the service. Pricing should be completed after discussing any items that are not included in the general price list. Remember to make sure that all financial arrangements are completed in writing and that they are signed and dated by the funeral firm. You can use a price guide to help you estimate costs. A price guide will give you a list of average prices from various funeral firms and the direct burial companies that are associated with those funeral firms.